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Link Media Systems
The biggest obstacle in coming to terms with the technological revolution is that the Geeks don't speak the same language as the rest of us. This basic premise is key to unlocking the truly wonderful benefits this revolution can bring.

We have no idea what they're talking about... but that's ok.

At the end of the day, fundamental rules still apply... 'it either makes your life better or there's no point' and 'if it's hard to use then it's been designed wrong'.

LINK Media Systems has an established track record of providing elegant solutions to complex problems. We don't over-complicate things and we design our systems to adapt to you lifestyle... not the other way around.

Whether you want an Intelligent Home or a Multi Room Sound Systems or a really cool Home Cinema, please give us a call, we can help, it's what we do and we're good at it.


Our purpose-built, appointment-only, studio in St John Street EC1 allows us to provide our clients [and their clients] the opportunity to quickly come to terms with what can sometimes be difficult concepts.

It provides an opportunity to view, interact and come to terms with a whole range of new technologies in an unhurried and informative environment.

The studio is fully automated and integrated and also contains one of the finest home cinema systems in the world.


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Phone: +  02072512638   

Link Media Systems

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