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In 2000, Rob and Ouvrielle Holmes introduced the UK's first home-grown baby sleeping bag, grobag®. Based on a version given to them by Austrian relatives, the grobag® baby sleeping bag has ensured that all four Holmes children have slept well through the night without loose covers to kick off and disturb them. And this meant that the parents got a good night's sleep too.

The popularity of grobag® baby sleeping bags grew quickly due to the hard work and extensive marketing invested by the Holmes', along with the outstanding success of the product itself. Many competitors have since entered the market but none have been able to match the all-round quality of the original.

As the baby sleeping bags took off, new and innovative nursery products were introduced and grobag® Ltd changed its name to gro-group® international, reflecting the diversity the company now offers.

Other products now offered exclusively in the UK include the Bumbo Baby Sitter, an award-winning versatile seat, problem-solving maternity solutions such as Belly Belt, Caesarean Belt and Belly Bra, the stylish Leander cradle and cot bed, Baby Art casting and impression kits, and much more.

grobag® with its important sleep heritage has been retained as the brand name for gro-group's safe sleep range. This includes the market leading baby sleeping bags, grobag® egg™ digital room thermometer, grobag® airfree® air purifier and a sleepwear range, all of which are designed to create a sleep routine and ensure a decent night's sleep for both the child and their parents.

But however fast gro-group® continues to develop, what will remain core to its operation are the principles of safety, innovation and caring about both the product and customer.


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