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Babies and Children Nationwide
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The Childrens Furniture Company

We make children's beds and bedroom furniture for the long term. In time, they'll be taking it to college or installing it in their own homes, if you let them. Because this isn't furniture in miniature, but full-size pieces with playful accents.

There are now five ranges to choose from, all hand-made and finished by master craftsmen, all designed and built to last. So when the time comes, bunks can be debunked and safety rails removed; engraved panels can be swapped for plain ones, and brightly-coloured panels flipped to reveal more muted tones.

We've put a lot of thought and attention to detail into each piece, which we deliver ourselves to ensure it arrives in perfect condition. Everything, apart from our beds, is pre-assembled - the beds you can easily assemble yourself or have us do it in your home for a small extra charge.


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The Childrens Furniture Company

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