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Lefroy Brooks
Traditionally Lefroy Brooks has for many years been known as the worlds most famous manufacturer of classic bathroom brassware – taps (faucets), accessories and showers.

However, about 10 years ago something changed. I realised people do not choose baths (tubs) they choose bathrooms.

They require a complete co-ordinated bathroom with accessories, baths, tiles, lighting, chinaware, showers and taps.

A total look where colour finishes and styles match perfectly. Indeed a whole ethos is in harmony – a complete classic bathroom.

This was a tall order. It set me down a path of slowly piecing together all the very best elements of the classic bathroom worldwide from London and Edinburgh to New York, from Paris and Bordeaux to the Italian Lakes.

I was essentially interested in that splendid period of the Empire when huge liners ploughed their path around the world. The period from the turn of the century to 1914, when the Great War began in Europe. A time when the elaborate curves of the Victorian Era gave way to the more honest, direct lines of the Edwardian ‘Modern Classics’.

I wish I had been just writing a book or indeed assembling a website. A couple of photographs in the relevant chapter would suffice, but the task was truly enormous – once the research had been accomplished and the original pieces located, I embarked on sketches, technical drawings, models and finally moulds and production.

Most pieces required adaption to present day requirements whilst maintaining the vocabulary of the past.

Factories had to be built, old methods of production re-created, quality maintained, enthusiasts enlisted.

This website shows what has been achieved to date – I will let you judge how successful we have been.

Finally, may I say it has been a labour of love. It is a true joy to work with such beautiful products. We at Lefroy Brooks know how extremely lucky we are.

Whether you are specifying a 200 room hotel, a chateau in France, A Soho Loft or a Fishing Bothy by the River Dee – I hope some of that joy rubs off our products and into your life.

Kindest regards

Christo A Lefroy Brooks

Ibroc House, Nationwide,

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Lefroy Brooks

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