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Authentic Feng Shui
Feng Shui is a Chinese science about buildings & burial sites, their surroundings and their affect on lives, careers and businesses.

Feng Shui is widely used by Chinese, Japanese & Indian communities, and increasingly by Europeans.

Feng Shui is routinely used to improve luck, wealth, health and harmony by both business and individuals.

Consultant Thomas Coxon has been researching, studying and practicing Feng Shui since 1980 including qualifying professionally in traditional Tibetan Feng Shui practice with Master Harrison Kyng and in authentic Chinese Imperial Feng Shui with Master Chan Kun Wah, as well as studying Chinese water Feng Shui with Master Peter Leung and Chinese Yin Feng Shui with Master Tuan Anh Diep.



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Authentic Feng Shui

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