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Elemental Feng Shui
Elemental Feng Shui provide Feng Shui consultations and Chinese astrology readings to clients living in the East Midlands area (including Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, Rutland and Peterborough).

Lynne Ellis, the principal Feng Shui Consultant at Elemental Feng Shui, has been practising Feng Shui professionally since 2000, and is both a recognised practitioner of the Feng Shui Research Centre, and is an Accredited Consultant of the Feng Shui Society.

Home Feng Shui Consultations

Specialising in Feng Shui for homes, Lynne has worked with both new and old properties, providing Feng Shui advice for established homes, new homes not yet occupied, homes undergoing renovation, and homes undergoing major extension/alteration (including those in the planning stage).

Lynne practises traditional/classical Feng Shui, working with Form School (Xing Fa), the Eight House/East West system (Ba Zhai), and Time and Space Flying Stars (Xuan Kong Fei Xing). Earth healing/geopathic stress work, and the surveying of electromagnetic fields, form an integral part of the services offered.

Consultations can be tailored to your individual needs, with advice ranging from subtle and inexpensive corrections (maximising the use of what you already have in your home), to full Feng Shui decorating and placement advice for the entire house (a kind of 'interior design with Feng Shui'). 'Key issues' consultations identify the most important corrections for your home, whilst a full consultation provides detailed recommendations for all areas of your home.


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Elemental Feng Shui

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