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Although for a while central heating became increasingly popular and open fires fell out of favour, on a cold winter evening there is little that can beat the reassruing glow of an open fire.  The hearth has been the centre of the family home for centuries.

Modern technology has taken over from the traditional coal or wood burning fireplace,
and today it is possible to have a contemporary freestanding or wall-mounted fireplace or one of the latest 'clean burn' systems.

If you favour an antique fireplace, a restored Victorian or Adam-style fireplace can add to the value of your home.  More traditional fireplaces come in various styles and textures: stone, marble, farmhouse, everything from the exotically modern to a simple log burning stove. The choice is yours.



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The Fireplace Heatsaver is a transparent acrylic shield that sits in front of your fire when it is...

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