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Mandarin Stone

Mandarin Stone offer an extensive range of stone tiles but it’s important you choose the tiles that are right for you, the following should be considered whilst making your decision:

Where are the tiles being used?

Stone tiles can be used in any room in your home but make sure that the stone not only fits your décor but also your lifestyle. Some of our stone tiles can also be used outdoors.

Are they being used on the floor or walls?

Here the thickness of the tiles should be considered. Any thickness of tile can be used for a floor application, providing it is laid correctly. For walls, due to the weight, you really need to look at 10 or 12mm thick stones only. We offer many stones in these thicknesses.

The size of tile required?

Mandarin Stone offer stone from the smallest mosaics to very large slabs, so there are no limits to your choice. Please note that large tiles often make an area look bigger.
Do you specifically want a type of stone e.g. limestone, marble, or slate?
There are often misconceptions that certain types of stone are ‘better’ or ‘more hard-wearing’ than others. This is generally not the case. The look of the stone you want is essentially more important than the type.

The finish of stone required?

The style of the property or the ‘look’ you are trying to create should reflect your decision here. A smooth ‘honed’ stone or a ‘polished’ stone can create a modern or classic feel. Whereas a ‘riven’ slate or an ‘antique’ stone will give a more traditional or rustic look.

The colour of stone required?

Natural stone offers a wide spectrum of colour shades so the choice is endless! From stones that are reasonably plain to others that offer extensive colour and shell variation. Like any other material the lighter, plainer stones tend to be less forgiving that those that are a slightly deeper in shade with more tonal variation. Please note that all our tiles are natural and that variation in colour, texture and markings is an inherent characteristic.

Will my tiles need sealing?

Yes. All natural stones are porous to varying degrees and therefore need to be thoroughly sealed during the fixing process to prevent staining etc. Please go to the Fixing & Sealing section for more detailed information.


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Mandarin Stone

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