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F C Phipps
As the accredited butcher for the Rare Breed Survival Trust in Lincolnshire we can offer flavoursome meat from traditional breeds, eg beef from Lincoln Red and Long Horn cattle, pork from Berkshire, Gloucester Old Spot and saddleback pigs, lamb from Hebridean and Norfolk Horn sheep. In season we have venison from free ranging deer in Scrivelsby Park, the home of the Queen's Champion and pheasant and partridge from the surrounding countryside.

Our signature product is Lincolnshire stuffed chine - an old county dish of cured shoulder of pork on the bone, which is deeply scored, stuffed with chopped parsley and simmered for seven hours. Served cold it presents as attractive pink and green stripes and is traditionally served with vinegar and mustard-and a glass of beer! The only related product we can find is the famous jambon persille of France.


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F C Phipps

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