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Garage Conversions Nationwide
Garage Conversion



Welcome to The Garage Conversion Company, the UK's FIRST and LEADING specialist garage conversion company. In the past 4 years we have converted over 1200 garages and that's more than any other company in the UK.

As we are the most experienced garage convertors in the country you can rest assured that we will convert your cold and under-utilised garage into a warm and habitable room, potentially increasing the value of your house significantly.

Whatever you want to use the extra space for we can help plan your garage conversion.

Your options are endless but here are some ideas to get you started:

  • A family room
  • A bedroom with or without en-suite facilities
  • A playroom
  • A home office/study
  • A kitchen/utility room
  • A dining room
  • A home cinema


Did you Know?
A standard single garage is approximately 150 sq ft. and that's too small to fit a family saloon (and be able to open the doors!) but that's a lot of extra living space if you convert it as an integral part of your house.


For those with a double garage the perfect solution may lie in what we call a 'part conversion' where typically the front or rear of the garage might be retained to house the lawnmower or your bicycle whilst the rest of the garage is converted into a useable room.



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Garage Conversion

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