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At Filante UK, we specialise in the design and production of house signs for the UK and in fact anywhere in the World.

For over a decade Filante UK has been supplying house signs in a variety of individual and also more traditional styles.

Our extensive range of house signs, includes bespoke signs to suit your very individual requirements. We have the experience and expertise in making house signs that you have been looking for and have many satisfied customers.

There are many individual factors to consider when buying a house sign. Filante Products are here to help you make those choices to make your house sign both individual and personal to you.

A house sign says a lot about you as an individual but on a more practical level you will also need to consider other factors such as; how visible your house name or house number will be. Will the house number or name be clearly visible from the road, consider having a second sign on a gatepost or wall next to the road. Make sure there is enough colour contrast in the house sign to ensure that the sign is more clearly seen. Is the house sign big enough to be seen from the road if you choose to hang the sign on the front door or wall by the house.


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