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The Anduze Vase Co

The first Vases' d 'Anduze appeared in the sixteenth century.

During the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries these large vases only appeared in the gardens of the French landed gentry, however in the nineteenth century, the wealthy families of the local silk merchants in the Anduze region began planning attractive gardens and adopted the orange tree, which was previously only seen in the royal glasshouses. The orange trees were planted in Anduze vases as the trees would need to be protected from frost in the winter, and brought inside. As a result they quickly became popular throughout the region.

Legend has it that a potter from Anduze in the Cevennes region of southern France was inspired by Italian Medici vases which he saw at the fair of Beaucaire, these vases where decorated with garlands, fruit and flowers.


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The Anduze Vase Co

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