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Homeworking Solutions
About us
Home Working Solutions Ltd is a UK company, providing office furniture and ergonomic software and accessories for offices of all sizes throughout the UK. Our administrative office is at 500 Chiswick High Road, London W4 5RG.

All prices quoted on the HWS Web site are quoted in Pounds Sterling, and include VAT at 17.5%. The VAT breakdown will be clearly shown in all invoicing. These prices also include one installation within working hours within the mainland UK, unless stated otherwise. Please contact us with any questions regarding deliveries outside normal working hours.

Choosing furniture
Choosing furniture is a very personal experience, which is part of the reason that we offer such a wide range of styles and finishes. If you have any questions, or are unsure of anything you find on the site, please don't hesitate to press the contact us button, and one of our representatives will respond as soon as possible.

While our web site acts both as the HWS brochure and showroom, if you require further details on a specific piece of furniture or product, or a certain style, then please contact us. This also relates to the various finishes on offer.

When choosing furniture for the home office it is vitally important that the following things are considered before your final selection:

1) Will it get there?
Check that the access to the area that you want to put the furniture in is clear enough. This includes doors, tight corners and staircases, all of which can make installing the furniture difficult.

2) Will it fit?
Measure the area that you want to put the furniture in and compare this with the overall size of the furniture you are looking at. Here again you will need to consider aspects other than just the size of the room. These include: The positioning of the door, windows and any built-in cupboards; the possible existence of pillars or skirting (making the floor space smaller); the location of any radiators; and the existence of any sloping of the ceiling (obviously relevant in attics etc when taller cupboards and storage are being used).

3) Will it work?
Before ordering your furniture you should make sure that any telephone or power sockets that might be necessary for the efficient working of the desk are located in easily accessible positions.

These might include power sockets for the computer or printer, or a phone socket for the modem, fax or telephone.

500 Cheswick High Road, London, Nationwide, W4 5RG

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Phone: +44 0208956 2880 0208956 2880   

Homeworking Solutions

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