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Apuldram Roses

The Company

Apuldram Roses was started 30 years ago by Mrs D. R. Sawday. It remains a small family run company. Apuldram Roses believes in good, old fashioned customer service and friendly helpful advice.

The Roses

Our roses are grown on farmland very near to Chichester Harbour under the shadow of the magnificent Chichester Cathedral. We grow approximately 50,000 stocks and bud over 350 different varieties. In the main we use a Rosa Laxa Stock produced in Great Britain which we plant in January or February, depending on the weather. We bud during June of the same year. This is when we decide to keep or drop varieties and whether to introduce new ones. We then leave them to grow under the watchful eye of Jonathan.

In January of the following year, the old roses are headed back. This is when the top growth of the stock is cut away, leaving only the bud of the new rose. We then wait again until the red shoots of the new rose appear. By summer they are all blooming and we can see if we have done a good job. October comes all too quickly and the balmy sunshine, heady fragrance and colour of the rose field gives way to Autumn wind, rain and mud. It's time to lift the plants that we started 22 months before and send them out to you.

Our Aims


We want, and need, you to keep coming back to us. We hope that we deliver on all counts.


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Apuldram Roses

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