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Sun Pipe Ltd

Professor Terry Payne, Chairman and Managing Director of Monodraught formed the Company 30 years ago to pioneer the development of Vertical Balanced - Flue chimney systems. Since then the company has specialised in the development of natural ventilation systems and low energy concepts for the building environment.

In 1982 Monodraught launched the WindCatcher Natural Ventilation system, which was based on the original Vertical Balanced - flue arrangement and encapsulates any prevailing wind to provide energy free, natural ventilation.

In 1995, Monodraught launched the SunPipe system and pioneered its development in the UK. Today more than 25,000 SunPipe systems per year are sold in the UK and SunPipes are now sold to 22 countries worldwide.

There are 30 SunPipe Showrooms and Advice Centres in the UK.


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Sun Pipe Ltd

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