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Because glass is naturally beautiful and accumulates heat, it is perfect as the primary material for Solaris electric radiators. Solaris consist of two connected sheets of glass; one for heating and one for decoration and heat diffussion.

With its exclusive technology and large flat surface, as well as the lack of screen (perforated metal sheet or grid), Solaris develops an extraordinary radiation capacity, higher than that of most other radiant panels on the market. The heat emitted is felt immediately by the body. It does not rise, but helps to maintain a uniform temperature. No difference in temperature between the floor and the ceiling (2.5m height)

Convection Heating
Circulation of hot, dry air - large difference in temperature between floor and ceiling (up to 6°C difference).
Radiation heating with OHDS technology
Uniform temperature from floor to ceiling (difference of about 1°C).

This gentle, enveloping heat doesn't dry the air or circulate dust particles because there is no fan and no resistance in contact with ambient air. The atmosphere is clean and healthy, which is an important point when you are concerned with the quality of air. The smooth glass surface simplifies cleaning.

The practical baseboard unit is only 45cm high and can easily be installed under a window, a sloping roof, in attic rooms or rooms with reduced height under a window.

The visable, decorative surface is made of extra-strong glass, identical to that used for external building façades, so it is extremely long-lasting. The temperature of the Solaris is also controlled and restricted, to avoid any risk of burning.

With Solaris, heat convection is limited so you don't have to overheat for comfort. This means you can lower the setting on the thermostat. By lowering this just 1°C you save 6% of energy, according to heating experts such as the EDF.



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