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Shared Ownership Nationwide
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If you can not afford to buy your home outright, shared ownership could be right for you.


Buy part of your home and rent the rest from INplace, allowing you to get the home you want now.Your monthly payments will
probably be lower than if you had bought it outright.


Shared ownership is a simple, way to allow you to own your own home. The scheme is aimed at people who cannot afford to purchase a property outright. It means that instead of raising a full mortgage on your new home, you can buy part of it and pay a subsidised rent on the other half. In the future you can buy more shares and increase your equity in the home or even purchase it outright in most cases.


The options available through shared ownership are below:


Newbuild shared ownership

INplace is developing a range of newly built flats and houses across South East England. Prices start from £400 per month for the rent and mortgage.


We are developing schemes in Kent, Surrey, Hampshire, East and West Sussex and London, ranging from small blocks of flats to large family homes.


Resale shared ownership

INplace offers the service of reselling shared ownership schemes for existing owners. INplace has a range of homes for sale within most price ranges and across most of South East England.



Homebuy gives you the opportunity to buy a home of your choice within certain value limits for your area. You choose a property to purchase and finance 75% of the value and INplace will give you an equity loan of 25%. You finance a mortgage of 75% of the purchase price. There are no monthly payments on the loan. You simply pay back 25% of the value of the property at the time you sell the property in the future.


You can also choose to pay back the 25% of the current value in the future and own the home outright. INplace operates Homebuy in limited areas, so check our property search for details of where we operate and how to apply. Details of homebuy will be found in our shared ownership property search.


Starter homes initiative

The Starter Home Initiative (SHI) is designed to assist the purchase of homes by keyworkers, particularly nurses and other health workers, teachers and police officers, whose services are essential to local communities and who need to live within a reasonable commuting distance to work. The initiative is targeted at those areas where there are clear recruitment and or retention difficulties, linked to the cost of housing.


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