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Pool Design
Natural pebble is a pure product, which provides a natural and practical way to produce beautiful swimming pools with economic use of the earths natural resources. The mining and extraction methods are licensed and controlled by environmental agencies and the pebble is used in its natural state and only graded and rinsed.

There are no manufacturing processes involved in its production and therefore no pollutant by-products or harmful emissions are produced.

We use two sizes of pebble with our system which give two distinct finishes, PebbleTec and PebbleSheen (see below). A range of pebble colours, combined with natural oxides in the cement, create a unique variety of water tones. The actual water colour is produced by the refraction of light - as it passes through water - reflecting from the pebble surface. As a result the shades deepen with the pool's depth to give the most natural look possible.


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Pool Design

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