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Linwood Homes
Since 1968, Linwood Homes has been making dreams come true. We supply homes that are as real as the high quality timber they are crafted from. Our commitment to unsurpassed selection, quality and service has brought many of our customers back to build a second and third Linwood home. No wonder we are one of the fastest growing home suppliers in North America today.

Our homes showcase is second to none. With Linwood Homes, you not only choose your house design - you can customize it, order all the quality materials to create it, and have all those components shipped anywhere in the world. You can even locate the closest Linwood recommended builder to construct it for you. Plus, you'll have one of the strongest warranty programs in the industry backing you up, every step of the way.

Our story begins and ends with quality products. We try harder to obtain the best material available for use in your new home. Throughout the process of building your home, only Linwood supplies from the woods to the sawmill and from the sawmill to you.

First, our logs are harvested under our own timber license by professionals who then re-forest the land and see the seedlings through to maturity. This guarantees a consistent supply of top-quality timber and helps satisfy Linwood's demand for nothing but select grade product.

These logs are then processed through our own sawmill to help assure us of the quality for which Linwood is famous. Lumber that does not make the grade for our housing program is sold externally. Only select tight knot product is used in a Linwood home.

Linwood's attention to quality and detail is legendary. Every piece of cedar siding and interior cedar component is crafted from Western Red Cedar, one of the finest building materials in the world - durable, versatile and gorgeous. We even make our own cedar siding and cut it thicker than the others so it will look better now and look better later.

Our expert buyers source the rest of the components required from proven industry specialists. These suppliers also guarantee the long-term performance of their products. The result is a powerful combination you can rely on. Every piece in every Linwood home is not only supplied by a major brand-name manufacturer but also certified as the best available.


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Linwood Homes

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